Emailers In 2017 Are Dead, They Say — But How True Is This?

Agencies throughout Australia may have given up on the emailing campaign because of the notion that nobody reads emails anymore—but this couldn’t be farther from the truth. We believe it’s a skill you can master, and one with which you can achieve enormous results for your clients.

Before we show you how, it is necessary to know that email marketing in 2017 is still relevant and is by far the cheapest form of advertising—it just takes a bit of know-how. And here it is…

Use the subject line

For email marketing in 2017, your subject line is the most important part of the email. This everyone knows―but what most writers might consider ‘creative’ might land up costing their clients a sale.

According to a recent case study undertaken by AWeber Communications Blog , the clearer and more straightforward the subject line was, the more attention it received. What’s more, on average, the more straightforward subject lines received 366% more email subscriptions than the flowery, creative subject lines.

Forbes writer, D. Jacobs, suggests avoiding the use of the word ‘Free’ when writing emailers in 2017 because it can end up in the spam box.

Remember the sender

As Laura Bright from the University of Texas examined in her dissertation regarding the attitude of the consumer in the online environment, it was found that consumers (people) have an innate desire to be in control. If they feel that they are in control, then they become more relaxed and easy. — Use the sender’s name, in other words.

Be controversial

By keeping up to date with current affairs, it might be useful, though seemingly negative, to use the power of shock to engage a reader for your email marketing writing. See what a test undertaken by QuickSprout suggests—the data speaks for itself.

And, finally…

Adestra reported surprising results that support email marketing.

This study showed that 68% of teens and 73% of those born in the 80s prefer email communication.

The Vice President of Adestra, Ryan Phelan, said:

‘’Email continues to be part of everyday life, with consumers literally hanging out in their inboxes all day long.’’

So, email marketing is going nowhere! What are you doing to capitalise on this for your clients?

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