How To Optimise WordPress Sites For Site Speed Optimisation – And Why It Matters

At Digital Resellers Australia we provide clients with a wide range of white label digital marketing services. Some of our agencies only come to us to provide their clients with wholesale SEO services while others request our white label, social media management offering.

Regardless of what services we provide these clients through their agencies with, all have one goal in common: driving traffic to a website. With WordPress being one of the most popular platforms in Australia, it’s likely that at least a few of your clients will use it. As your client’s official digital marketing partner you should be aware of this as WordPress sites have their own unique requirements in terms of Site Speed Optimisation (SSO).

Most web development and design professionals are more than aware of the importance of having a website that loads quickly and efficiently. It is something that is rewarded by search engines and favoured by visitors. You might even already offer your clients an SSO service of your own.

If any of your clients operate WordPress sites then you need to be aware that there are several factors that affect SSO, factors that are unique to this platform and that must be considered.

The most common cause of reduced site speed in WordPress sites tends to come from the plugins being used on a particular WordPress site. There are currently over 30 000 different plugins that users can download and install onto a WordPress site, plugins that do everything from build email lists to monitor the security of the site in question.

But you must be aware, not all plugins are 5 star additions to a website. Some might no longer be necessary and several have not been updated in years. Ideally a WordPress site should run as leanly as possible with as few additional plugins installed as necessary.

If your client is experiencing SSO problems its worth investigating this, especially if you aren’t the agency that built the site in the first place.

A better option as a Digital Resellers Australia client would be to offer them a comprehensive SSO overhaul as an additional value added service. It’s a great way to improve all their website orientated digital marketing efforts at once and as its white label you can brand it as your own.