Does Pay Per Click Advertising Campaigns Work For Contractors?

Nowadays, many businesses and homeowners look for plumbers, electricians and other home development contractors on the Internet. Those days have gone when the majority of customers rely upon the Yellow Pages. This refers that if you are a construction contractor, you need a professional contractor marketing program and an effective website.

An Effective Contractor Website

An proficient website delivers key information like services offered, locations served, insurance and licensing info, and, preferably, real customers testimonials. An effective website features well-edited, professional writing as well as clean and friendly design. It also attracts to customers through featuring their go-buttons i.e. phrases or words that in your experience interest customers.

Attracting Visitors Towards Your Website

Once you have an effective website, you’ll need to attract visitors to it — a contractor marketing program. This needs being visible at the top of search engines like Yahoo, Google and Bing. Per researches of Google Search Results, around 60% of visits are to those websites visible in the top 3 ranks of first page. If you dwell on your own experience in searching, this will possibly make sense. How frequently do you click on a website at the bottom of the page versus one on the top?

Getting Your Contractor Website On The Top Of First Page in 24 Hours

Whether you are in an urban area or rural, there is a way that search engines will provide customer visits towards your website within 24 hours. You can put a paid ad for your business at the top of first page of Yahoo and Google. This type of advertising is called Pay per Click.

Launching A PPC Campaign

The search engines make it simple to run paid ads. You’ll have to write some very concise text. To get ideas, have a look at the advertisements by other contractors in your trade. Never mind whether they are outside your locality or within it. Feature your most lucrative services and a few of the go-buttons that you have observed the customers react to.

Final Benefit of Pay per Click

One of the greatest advantages of PPC is that it can work itself without a job. If you have a PPC campaign handled by a Wholesale PPC Marketing agency, the search engines notify you the exact phrases and words that searchers typed to search your ads. This is a backlog of data from which you can learn about your contracted customers. How exactly do they find for you? You can use this data to re-write your website thus that it is more tempting to customers.

You can also use this data for designing an SEO program. Preferably, your website should rank high in the free natural listings when customers type in phrases and words to look for a local contractor like you. A good search engine optimization program will get this. Once your website appears naturally at the top of the search engines, you’ll get many more visits than paid ads will capitulate and they’ll be free to you. At that time, it will make sense to end off your PPC ads except probably for your most lucrative services.

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