Virtual Assistants Improve Customer Engagement


Over the last few years, emergence of mobile smart phones, social media, analytics, big data and cloud has been primarily revolutionizing our lives and the way we interact and work. These forces have escalated client’s anticipations, pushing the enterprises to reassess their end- to-end customer experience plan. Customer engagement solutions should concentrate on providing an improved direct experience and help enterprises to expand margins, boosts revenue, improve customer retention and satisfaction, and provide the much-needed differentiators in this competitive market.

VA technology has emerged as a new area that could be incorporated with the existing applications, assisting users to communicate in natural language with a natural online avatar that answers to their queries in voice or text form. They provide a personalized experience that minimizes the requirement of being in touch with support team; increase customer satisfaction and builds a brand image. It might be integrated with the existing applications plus extending them and adding greater worth to the services they provide.


A customer looks forward to appropriate response to their queries whenever they contact the helpdesk or visit a support website. They expect their problems resolved, queries answered so that the overall experience becomes a gratifying one. Enterprises can considerably boost their brand worth and sales by providing customers with accurate and fast responses by means of a proficient customer engagement services. It can help them increasing customer retention and satisfaction, improving their services. Enterprises can influence VA solutions improving their several customer service functions including meeting reminders, front desk; first notice of loss claim, enrollment form filling and other personalized services. As the VA services are getting popular with each day passing, several vendors have come up with their way outs in the market.

Here are a few of the primary challenges generally faced by the enterprises in managing their customer engagements:

  • Fruitfully meeting the ever-increasing anticipations of the tech savvy users having several communication channels, including Twitter, Facebook, Mobile; Web etc.
  • Offering a personalized assistance at the time of a new product registration or account creation that might need involves an agent.
  • Offering a user-friendly self-service attribute that might be quicker than talking to a live agent as a favored mechanism!


A virtual assistant is a friendly lifelike online avatar that can create a conversation to deliver text-based or voice engagements on any mobile interface or web application. They can converse in lifelike language with the avatar to answer to queries, recognize questions, provide cross-sell opportunities depending on interests and provide a detailed step-by-step activity for particular processes etc. A Virtual Assistant not only answers the query of the customers but can also be configured to provide more information about the offers and promotions.

Technology Advantages

Putting into practice a VA solution for automating the business procedures offers several advantages by enhancing the productivity and efficiency. Herewith an enterprise can not only enhance the overall customer retention and satisfaction but also cut the cost involved. A few of the key advantages are as follows:

  • Better control and monitoring
  • Minimized cost
  • Optimized support team
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Increased overall productivity

VA technology pooled together with other up-and-coming technologies is empowering them to refurbish their customer engagement platforms. Enterprises can reap wonderful business advantages through our virtual assistant reseller program.